Limiting Number of Featured Posts in WordPress Theme Twenty Fourteen

theme twenty fourteen feature posts

AA, I am back after a looong time. Today i was updating my blog, themes, widgets etc. So i encountered a limitation of new WordPress theme Twenty Fourteen which is you can’t change number of featured posts in grid. So, after a long struggle i was able to find the solution. Here it is, how you limit number of featured posts in grid of WordPress theme Twenty Fourteen;

Edit the file: {wordpress-home-folder}\wp-content\themes\twentyfourteen\functions.php and edit the following block:

// Add support for featured content.
add_theme_support( 'featured-content', array(
'featured_content_filter' => 'twentyfourteen_get_featured_posts',
'max_posts' => 6,
) );

I changed it to ‘max_posts’ => 3. Hope this would work for you.

Best regards.