Goodbye Techlogix

Last logout at Techlogix

The fact that i am no longer a part of Techlogix makes me really really Sad ūüôĀ My first/second/third¬†(don’t exactly remember the number) Love Techlogix.

After spending 3 years at Techlogix, i have left Techlogix. I remember my first day at Techlogix it was Friday April 1, 2011 and HR made a fool out of me by asking me to sit at reception for almost 5 hours and then later by asking me to go into campus solution. I remember the P4 system and the blur monitor (in the era of Quad core & 1st gen i7) which was given to me for 1st week to work on medium and enterprise level applications.

Techlogix is an INSTITUTE which gave me the¬†opportunity¬†to work with great people on great technologies in great business domains for great clients. It is the place where i looked forward to go to office daily and to spend time in the company of great people,¬†throughout my career there. I can never forget the time of IHV and the great time at Nestle Pakistan as a Resident Engineer.¬†I enjoyed the company of all of the great people at Techlogix, can’t name them all here.

I’ll¬†remember all those late comings,¬†late sitting, dinners, lunches, weekends, gossip sessions, coffee/tea times, trips and future plannings at Techlogix. I can’t forget the taste of Mango Tang, Sprinda, 200# cold drinks and the akheer unhygienic food by Molvi Sahab.¬†I can never forget the trip of Ayubia in june 2011, the trip of Kaghan Valley in july 2012, the Nankana Sahib trip, the picnic of Safari Park and Techlogix Knowledge Share Fairs.¬†I learnt to play Snooker, Foosball and Table Tennis at Techlogix before that i never got time to learn such things.

After all the great things and inspite of many of the imperfections, Techlogix is definitely a place to miss and I would definitely miss techlogix and the great people there.